Do I fall under Priority Registration?
If you were an active ATXGFL member in the Summer 21 or Fall 21 seasons and in good standings with the league, you are eligible for priority registration on a first-come, first-served basis or until capacity is reached. We will send an email at 8am Wednesday to the eligible members with registration links for playing and non-playing members, so please check your emails to access priority registration. 

Please note that registrations made before January 21st at 8am will be checked for eligibility and ineligible registrations will be removed


If I do not fall under Priority Registration, when can I register?
Registration for the remaining spots will then be open to all individuals on Friday, January the 21st at 8am. This includes first-time registrants and existing members alike.

I missed Open Registration, How can I still sign up to play?
Once registration has reached capacity, we will open the waitlist. Individuals on the waitlist before the January 29th draft may be prioritized based on the waitlist order. After the draft, individuals on the waitlist may be placed on a team based on the combined factors of the comparable evaluated skill level of the player they are replacing and waitlist order.

Can I join the league if I don't want to play football?
Sign up as a Non-Playing Member! 

How much does Registration cost?
The registration cost for this season will be $85 for playing members and $50 for non-playing members and will help cover costs for field and equipment, jerseys, socials, and referees. Payment will be due at time of registration. There is no registration cost for individuals on the waitlist. Only when an individual is removed from the waitlist and placed on a team will they pay the registration cost for the season.

How is ATXGFL responding to the COVID-19 pandemic?
ATXGFL is committed to the safety and wellbeing of the members of the league. We will continue to abide by guidelines set by the state to combat the virus. If you have not been vaccinated, please follow this link to search for vaccination sites near you. 

What are the prerequisites to be a Captain?

Any previous ATXGFL player (in good standing) is eligible to be a captain;  

Captains are expected to: 

  • Have an intermediate to expert knowledge of on-field flag football strategy that allows them to actively contribute to the success of their team (or be willing to select someone who does)

  • Be willing and able to communicate with their team effectively both on the field and in regular emails, as well as with referees, board members and other captains as necessary

  • Be able to take charge of team management issues such as ensuring playing time and positive experiences for players at all levels of play and varying goals and expectation

Is the combine required for new league players?

Attending the combine is highly recommended for new players so Captains may make a more accurate assessment of individual players' skill for the draft.


please reach out to with any additional questions