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Travel Teams and Tournaments

The Austin Gay Flag Football League offers recreational and semi-competitive level play through our Spring & Fall in-house leagues, and more competitive level play via several tournaments held in different cities in the U.S. or Canada throughout the year.

Travel team participation is voluntary and is intended to provide players with a higher level of competitive flag football, with games held over several days and played against similar teams representing cities from across the U.S. and Canada.

Travel Team Availability

Travel teams are competitive ATXGFL affiliated teams in good standing with The Austin Texas Gay Flag Football League. We are constantly improving our tournament team structure and invite anyone interested in captaining or joining to represent our city with us.

Contact our Assistant Commissioner or fill out these forms below.

Austin Raiders
Austin Raiders AFFW+
Austin Alliance
Austin Capitals

Presenting: Gay Bowl XXIV, Austin 2024

We are excited to be hosting our own National Flag Football Tournament, visit our Gay Bowl XXIV page for more information.

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