• My roots: From Fort Worth, TX but ATX is my true Texas home 

  • Sign: Virgo sun / Sag moon / Pisces rising - let's connect on the Co-Star app : )

  • Enneagram #: 3 wing 4 (Not sure what this is? Please stop what you're doing and google it. Life changer!) 

  • Personal Mission Statement: To help people / organizations fulfill their greatest potential by orchestrating impactful experiences that lead to accomplishing more than was originally thought possible. I find deep joy and fulfillment in nurturing substantial relationships, developing people and processes, and collaboratively innovating in ways that lead to shared and sustainable success.  


Board Role & Responsibilities: 

  • Oversee league operations

  • Attend meetings of the National Gay Flag Football League (NGFFL) on behalf of ATXGFL

  • Serve as an ex-officio member of all league sub-committees

  • Promote a spirit of fairness and sportsmanship

  • Determine the presiding officer at all board meetings and manage monthly board meetings

  • Enforce all league policies

  • Coordinate with the Assistant Commissioner if they are temporarily unable to fulfill their duties

  • Appoint and oversee a Disciplinary subcommittee

  • Hold other directors accountable for their duties and step in to assist where needed

  • Oversee and assist the following board members:

    • Treasurer

    • The Field and Equipment Director

    • Captains Director

    • The Rules and Officiating Director


What the league means to me: Chosen family. I know, I know, that is so cliche. But, that's been my experience with this community since my time spent as a rookie receiver on The Capitals co-ed travel team in the summer of 2017 to serving on the Board of a full blown 200+ member league starting in 2018. Throughout the inspiring and difficult times -- like celebrating that majestic moment when a teammate catches their first ball or scores their first touchdown, observing the raw athleticism that develops over seasons from a member who was previously terrified to step foot on a football field, sensing a deep ache for true belonging in the eyes of a new league member when they show up at the new player combine all by their brave selves, wincing at the gnarly sprained ankles and jammed fingers that serve as reminders of how much pain we're willing to endure for the love of the game and to feel part of something bigger than ourselves, being invited into authentic and vulnerable conversations on the sidelines and at socials that take you by complete surprise and touch you on a soul level, lost and newfound relationships, finding your tribe of friends that feels more like home than you ever imagined -- It's just so much more than flag football. Always has been, always will be. 


  • From: Detroit, MI

  • Education: I have a BA in Economics from Michigan State University

  • Interests/hobbies: International travel, singing and playing guitar, exercising, anything involving water and good company!


Board Role & Responsibilities: 

  • Oversee board operations including Sponsorships, Promotions, Communications and Socials

  • Appoint and manage Travel Team subcommittee members

  • Lead philanthropic efforts on behalf of the ATXGFL

  • Assist the commissioner in their responsibilities

What the league means to me:  I came out in February of 2018 at the age of 34. I was still somewhat new to Austin and had not made many friends, let alone any within the gay community. Joining the league and gaining this community was the source of strength that I needed to come out to my family and friends from home. I am forever grateful for the personal growth I have realized from this league and am grateful to be able to give back as the Assistant Commissioner.


  • From: Hershey, PA and have been in ATX for the last 20yrs.

  • Education: Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice, Minor in Psychology

  • Interests/Hobbies: CrossFit, Woodworking, Golf, Flag Football (of course!), and my five dogs. 

  • Love Languages: I love giving AND receiving quality time and giving acts of service.


Board Role & Responsibilities: 

  •  I make sure the money is coming and going as it should and that we have enough resources for our games and social events.

What the league means to me:  It’s the community of ATXGFL that means so much to me! I really do love the physical side of it because I love to be fit and move my body around in fun ways, but it’s the community and the friendships I’ve built that keep me coming back for me for more!



My name is Danial and I joined the ATXGFL board in July 2020.  I have played since Fall 2018 and have played with 4 different league teams & have competed with the Austin Capitals travel teams. I have had the honor of being Captain for two teams (Ghostbusters & Globo Gym Purple Cobras). I have a fiery passion for player development with their confidence & skill on the field. 

I have an ambitious vision of improving our home fields at Azie Morton. I plan to accomplish the vision with a top-notch Fields & Equipment Sub-Committee. The goal is to elevate the playing experience & make the jobs of our referees easier.

  • From: Idalou, Texas

  • Education:  Texas State University, B.A. Psychology - August 2015

  • Interests/Hobbies:  Reading, horror films, traveling, working out, game nights, spending quality time with treasured people, languages 


Board Role & Responsibilities: 

  • Responsible for ensuring equipment needs for league and approved travel teams are met

  • - Distribution of equipment to league teams

  • - Works with city to reserve fields according to the league schedule

  • - Inventories equipment and recommends new equipment orders

  • - Ensures that the fields are set up and broken down for league play

  • - Ensures that the fields are maintained per location's expectations

  • - Creates schedules for league and play-off teams

  • - Coordinate with sponsorship director on the production of league appare

What the league means to me:  Empowerment. This league provides the opportunity to help with athletic development, leadership skills, & your social life. 


  • From: Hoffman Estates, IL. About 20 miles outside Chicago. Been in Austin for 12 years. 

  • Education: BS in Psychology from Northwestern University. MS in Exercise Physiology from Illinois State University

  • Interests/Hobbies: Being a Dog and  Plant Mom. Being outside and traveling the world as much as possible. Virgo, enneagram 9, pronouns she/her 


Board Role & Responsibilities: 

  • Captains have a very important role in the success and growth of this league, the accepting culture and community as well as the overall player experience. As the captain’s director, I use these guidelines to choose captains accordingly. Once chosen, I do whatever I can to make sure captains know they are supported, appreciated and held accountable to providing the best possible player’s experience possible. Including, most importantly, the new player’s experience. 

What the league means to me:  A place where I can be me. I am valued, appreciated and seen for exactly who I am. My favorite part of the league, though, is seeing others flourish in an accepting environment that they may have never been able to experience in their lives. Watching them grow. And love themselves more and more because they feel safe and seen. 


  • I have lived in Austin my whole life 

  • I was a student-athlete at Concordia University in Austin, playing baseball and golf.  


Board Role & Responsibilities: 

  • Schedule each game's referees

  • Recruit new referees

  • Improve current referee's skillset

  • Provide learning opportunities for any league members interested in being referees. 

What the league means to me:  I have been playing in ATXGFL since its first season; my first game I was totally lost and frustrated.  Luckily I had great teammates who taught me so much and made the season a great experience. My favorite part of the league is getting a new team each season mixed with people of all different skill levels


  • From: Sydney, Australia

  • Education: I studied a Bachelor of Arts (Politics & Economics), with two years in Australia and one year studying abroad in Mexico

  • Interests/hobbies: Traveling as much as I can, swimming laps at Deep Eddy and socializing (sometimes too much!)


Board Role & Responsibilities: 

  • In pre-COVID times, organize engaging weekly events during the season for playing and non-playing members to get to know each other better and let their hair down

  • During COVID, keep members engaged by organizing monthly virtual socials, such as dance parties and happy hours

  • Work closely with the Sponsorships Director to make sure that we highlight our sponsors in our social events

What the league means to me:  I joined ATXGFL only a year ago, so I'm pretty fresh. The landscape of my close friendships in Austin had shifted over time (people move away; others boo up) and so I was feeling lonely. Before I joined the league, I was wary of people describing it as a 'family'. However, once I did join, I felt it was exactly what I needed and I now feel much more integrated and supported. These days, I count my ATXGFL buddies as some of my closest friends.


  • From: born in Dallas, Texas, but made it down to Austin as soon as she could. 

  • Education: Attended the University of Texas at Austin where she had the opportunity to compete as a Division 1 rower and learn the true meanings of hard work and team work.

  • Interests/hobbies: She spends her free time at concerts, playing sports, and obsessing over her cutie labradoodle, Shiner.

Board Role & Responsibilities: 

  • Manages the registration period and helps ensure new and returning members alike are locked in and ready for a new season.

  • Writes and sends our newsletter, which goes out weekly during the season and includes game recaps, details for league socials, information about our community service/philanthropy opportunities, and more.

  • Keeps records of all board meetings and action to ensure transparency and consistency in our governing structure.  

What the league means to me:  When April joined the ATXGFL last year, the league quickly became her favorite thing about Austin. She sees the members as family and is incredibly thankful to be part of a space where everyone is loved and celebrated for being their authentic selves. 


  • From: I am originally from El Paso but grew up in Austin most of my life so I consider myself as a local Austinite.

  • Education: I graduated from Concordia University with a degree in Business Marketing and went into Recruiting right after that and landed in HR these last couple of years.


Board Role & Responsibilities: 

  • As a Sponsorship Director I am responsible for managing the relationships with our sponsors along with cultivating new relationships. 

What the league means to me:  I joined the league in its inception and soon knew that this was the my place to be. I played football most of my life  but as a closeted man so when the league began it really helped me feel like I belonged even after being out for a couple of years. ATXGFL has given me some of my closest friends and the greatest memories so I am glad to be a part of the board and being able to help the league that has given me so much.


  • From: Born in El Paso, TX but also consider Boston and New York as home

  • Education:  I received my BA in Music Business and Management from Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA and certification in Mixology from Harvard

  • Interests/hobbies:  Music has always been my life force from playing piano, guitar, drums and singing.   Aside from music I love to Travel, frequent the casino(s), making content videos, droning, and I love being a dog dad (/brother to Chanel).  


Board Role & Responsibilities: 

  • Create content for social media platforms

    • Video​

    • Photography

    • Creative

  • Develop Campaigns for upcoming initiatives and events

  • Promote the Leagues message

  • Promote any relevant events with the League

  • Encourage engagement among members

What the league means to me:  I joined ATXGFL a month or so after moving to ATX- the ATXGFL is the 3rd gay league I have participated in (Boston and New York previously) and the ATXGFL has been the most welcoming and non-intimidating league I have been a part of thus far. I came to Austin knowing a small handful of people but now I have a family that supports, listens and encourages me all because of the League.  This league is about being a family, and that means so much more to me than just playing football.  

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