Spring 2016

Weekly pickup games begin under

Steven Delgado & Dylan Dickmann

Summer 2016

With help from PGFFL, The Austin Capitals are created and NGFFL
creates the Capitals logo

ATX Capitals PNG.png

Fall 2016

Capitals compete in various tournaments and go undefeated in both pod play and bracket play at Gay Bowl XVI

Fall 2017

After placing 2nd at Gay Bowl XVII, NGFFL informs Capitals an Austin league must form to continue being tournament eligible


January 2018

ATXGFL is created 

Tizoc Garcia & Chip House


Spring 2018

6 Teams
League Champions: Team King
Match MVP: Zack Whitley

Captain of the Season: Derek McConnell

Offensive MVP: Trent Tatsch

Defensive MVP: Kierre Nicholson

Rusher of the Season: Alan Tran

Blocker of the Season: Matt Morgan

Rookie of the Season: Sean Emberley

Most Improved: Carlos Simental

Most Vers: Xavier Daniels

Team Champions_edited.jpg

Fall 2018

8 Teams 
League Champions: Team Champion


Captain of the Season: Rustan Valino
Offensive MVP: Jorge Espinoza
Defensive MVP: Cassandra Alston
Rusher of the Season: Cassandra Alston
Blocker of the Season: Brian Manning
Rookie of the Season: Grant James
Most Improved: Matt Williams

Most Vers: Justin Hernandez
Team Spirit: Moonfire
Best Asset: Derrick Anderson
Tonya Harding Award: Daniel Ruiz



Spring 2019

10 teams
League Champions: Blue Steel

Match MVP: Sean Emberley

Most Improved: Tucker Clark

Rusher of the Season: Casandra Alston

Blocker of the Season: Brian Manning
Most Vers: Sean Emberley
Rookie of the Season: Robyn Pettinger
Defensive MVP: Phil Butler
Offensive MVP: Grant James
#1 Fan: Joell Beagle
Best Asset: Jacob Rollins
Most Spirited: Alfonso Mora
Captain of the Season: Emmanuel Winston
Team Spirit: Call Me Navy


Team Championss.jpg

June 2019

ATX Raiders are created

Blue Steel.jpeg

Fall 2019

12 teams
League Champions: Navy Blue Bombers

Offensive MVP: Tizoc Garcia
Defensive MVP: Phil Butler
Rookie of the Season: Lindsay Thompson

Rusher of the Season: Dwaylan Applew

Blocker of the Season: George Kanuck
Most Vers: Coutney Rhodes

Most Improved: Kristen Torres

Sportsmanship Award: Caleb Dobbs
Best Asset: Dwaylan Applew
Captain of the Season: Matthew Leach

#1 Fan: Jesse Stowell
Team Spirit: Green Kweens


Navy Blue Bombers.jpg

Spring 2020

14 teams
COVID-19 forced season to end early

Spring 2020_edited.jpg

Summer 2021

10 teams
ATXGFL hosts first league tournament

Tournament Champions: Medium Rare
Match MVP: Prada Gurajala, Billy Raisch, Inmer Cardona

Defensive MVP: Nna Okochi
Offensive MVP: Brittany Zamora
Vers MVP: Ryan Machala
Captain of the Season: Amanda White
Rookie of the Season: Vonte Hayden
Team Spirit: Ru Tang Clan


Jessica Sears Spirit Award: Remington Johnson


Fall 2021

12 teams
League Champions: Red For Filth

Match MVP: Tim Taylor

Offensive MVP: Ryan Machala
Defensive MVP: Nna Okochi

Rookie of the Season: Logan Jenkins

Rusher of the Season: Billy Raisch

Blocker of the Season: George Kanuck

Most Vers: Candice Schrodetski-Hernandez

Most Improved Player: Allyson Hite

Best Asset: Lindsay Thompson
Sportsmanship Award: Amanda White

Captain of the Season: Jimmy Tran

Team Spirit: Magic Green Dragons
Golden Whistle: Tizoc Garcia

#1 Fan: Brittany Thurston

Jessica Sears Spirit Award: Joe Bumbulis


Spring 2022

Registration opening soon